Contact Local Government Fiduciaries and Tell Them to STOP Abdicating to Terrorists Who Destroy Monuments and Public Property

The Columbus Monument in Pueblo, Colorado was commissioned and bequeathed to the City of Pueblo in 1905 as a symbol for all immigrants who came to America to find a better life.

Did it work for all who came – perhaps not, but at least those people that came had the wherewithal to find a better home.

Up until the mid-1980s the legacy of Columbus and the monument across the Nation were revered and given the respect by those in each of the communities they stood.

Today however we are in the midst of CANCEL CULTURE which is simply yet another technique to divide the People against each other in order to foster control over them by powers that prefer to remain in the dark.

People are beginning to wake up out of their slumber and See interestingly anomalies that cannot be explained away regardless of whether political correctness is invoked or not..

The ruse around Columbus is just that…a ruse. The damage and destruction to Monuments across the Nation are the result of useful idiots looking for a way to belong to something greater than themselves yet they miss the entire point of being an American citizen.

This is not about Columbus or the LIES and ASSERTIONS made by one Howard Zinn who took historical events out of context and added his own cup of spice for his own aggrandizement, which at best has resulted in a disreputable story.

Its to let your local, state and Federal officials know you are fed up with their useless decisions which are the result of coercion and duress by terrorists.

In other words if your ambition is only to be re-elected and not serve ALL of the people of the community, maybe its time to get out of the kitchen…

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