Community Rewards (King Soopers)

If you are a King Soopers or Kroger’s customer and have one of these shopper cards

Let us show you how easy it is to support the COIAF without having to write a check or mail it or anything else!

One of the easiest ways to donate to COIAF is by just simply shopping.

Kindly consider signing up for their Community Rewards program

which is FREE and will not cost one single penny out of your pocket.

Visit the The Community Rewards program at

After logging in to your account, simply click on the button that says

A search bar that looks similar to GOOGLE will open allowing you to enter
be sure to check to see the organization ID is WH394

when you are done your page should look like

This is an outstanding program in its value to the community and the Foundation and

allows everyone to participate by simply doing what you do every day already.

Thank you for your ongoing support- it makes a difference!