You Do make a difference!

We are incredibly grateful for your support to COIAF’s work to advance Italian Heritage, Culture and allow us on your behalf to continue supporting the Annual Scholarship Gala in conjunction with the Order Sons of Italy Lodge 2738 in Colorado.

There are three ways to help support the COIAF Mission – see below:

OPTION A – We ask your consideration to donate via a one-time donation or a smaller monthly recurring amount.   

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via PayPalThis option provides you with a fully tax deductible donation receipt for tax records.

For 2022 there are two New ways to sustain your gift without coming out of pocket!

1) A direct donation is always appreciated, and now you can multiply that gift by making it a sustainable gift by participating in the

Kroger/King Soopers Community Rewards and the Amazon Smile programs just by continuing to do what you do today.

2) If you enjoy shopping on Amazon, the SMILE program works in a similar way to the Kroger’s program above –

Browse to ““ and then * Login and search for the organization name “COLORADO ITALIAN AMERICAN FOUNDATION” and you are done, if you have any issues, contact us at and we will help you resolve the matter. Over the course of each quarter both Kroger’s and Amazon will donate a small portion of their profits directly with COIAF. Kindly note, that NO personal information is ever shared about your purchases with these programs.  So we encourage you to share these donation options with your friends and family to help us build the foundation even more!

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*** If you use Chrome, add the MakeMeSmile extension to your browser.

Every time you shop on, it makes sure your applicable purchases are attributed to Colorado Italian American Foundation. Visit our MakeMeSmile page to learn more: