2020 just around the corner…

Get ready for a wild new year on the way!.

Election year already – extraordinary distractions by the mainstream media and those who profit from the distractions.

Nobody ever said Democracy in a Republic was an easy job, in fact Ben Franklin warned us when he said

“we’ve given you a republic…if you can keep it” 

Meaning of course, that the owners of the republic – the American people – are the ones whom are accountable for the actions of government and must therefore remain vigilant to ensure that our country continues to operate on its original values, principals and ideals:

We recognize that each passing generation has a less intense recollection and understanding of their ancestry and the significance it played in world history:  Therefore it is our responsibility through COIAF activities to keep the legacy alive:

Your support is paramount in our efforts to continue in that vein for all those who come after us:

Even with all the distraction going on around us, Italian tradition is still about family, friends and great food – so in that light we might all take pause and consider turning off the cell phones, the TV, throwing away the newspaper and instead focus upon the real important aspects of life, and the enjoyment of the upcoming Christmas holiday –

From our families to yours, we wish you a very

Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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